TN-V9.6 Exploit Released for 3.01 and below!



PS Vita Exploits ChartThe latest exploit game is: (Numblast), available in European, US , AU and JP PSNs. The new TN-V (Kernel Exploit) and its usermode exploits are still working on 3.01.For the complete guide folow the link below. For users higher than 3.01 please click here.


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20 thoughts on “TN-V9.6 Exploit Released for 3.01 and below!

  1. Daveybox

    Just got me Vita today,
    I have downloaded, open CMA, release_tnv6.rar and

    i cant find that game on the PS store, or any of the others listed. I cant find a step by step process on how to do this, all i have seen assume you already have done this before.

    Pls give a guy some help. I jst wanna play my roms soooo bad.

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