Fixing PSP Sound & Backlight Fuse!

Hey guys! Many of you were asking me how to fix your speakers or the lcd backlight if not working!

This is a simple explanation on how you cab fix it! Most times this happens because of plugins like Audio Boost or mods like Sound Reactive Leds!

Becareful,you may do not need to do the folowing, check first if the problem is with your speakers and not with the motherboard!


The backlighting fuse is the most frequent one to go out.
Before soldering over the fuse try using a voltage tester to see if there is continuity.
To bridge the fuse I would recommend to solder over it since The Lead Free solder makes it hard to remove the fuse from the board.

Parts List,

1.    #000 Philips Screwdriver.
2.    Small flat head screwdriver
3.    Soldering iron and solder
4.    small piece of wire.
5.    Multi-Meter (optional)

Step 1: Remove The Face Plate.
Step 2: Remove The Button Bar.
Step 3: Remove The LCD.
Steo 4: Take off the motherboard.
Step 5: Make a bridge with the solder or copletely remove the fuse or just replace it!
And you are DONE!
Now put everything back and it should work!
Next time becareful when modding your psp! By now you should not do any other mods on your psp ,you can burn the motherboard as far as the fuse is issing/not working!

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