Fixing Wacom Tablet/Pen Errors and Bugs 2016


Some time ago I bought my first Wacom graphics tablet… a very good,cheap and high quality digitizer to start drawing on pc and having some fun! (To be more specific my model was “One by Wacom | CTL-471”). Although the excitement didn’t last for so long because as an updated user I am with Windows 10 installed I had many issues with its drivers even with those that were supposed to be updated and compatible with them. So, on my way trying to find a solution I took notes and here were are with a couple fixes.

Some of the errors that should be fixed with this guide are the following:

  • “The Tablet Driver was not Found”
  • “There is a problem with your tablet driver. Please reboot your system. If the problem persists please reinstall or update the driver.”
  • Unstable/Faulty preferences, non-working pressure, auto right click,auto zooming, unable to perform left click,random crashes, pen functions like mouse, etc… these also affect the touchpad or mouse functionalities and usually last until you unplug the tablet from the USB or reboot your device).


1) To begin with, be sure that you have the latest drivers for your Wacom tablet and operating system. YOU CAN FIND THEM HERE.
2)Plug your tablet to your computer, wait for Windows to identify it.

3)Go to the Windows search,type Device Manager and hit enter.
Now you are looking for the “Human Interface Devices”
Click on it to make it expand, find and delete all the drivers that start with “HID”, “USB” or “Wacom” in it by doing right click on each one of them.
Do not restart your computer yet even if it asks you to do it.

4)Now look for the “Mice and other pointing devices”
And do the same. (Probably there will be only one “HID”)

5)Go to Program Files and look for a folder named “Tablet” and delete it.

6)Install the driver that you downloaded at the begin. (Be sure to perform it as administrator!)

7)Restart your computer and when it boots up type in the windows search “Wacom Preference File Utility” and hit enter. Go to “All User Preferences” and click the “Remove” button.

8)Now type in the windows search “searvices.msc” , hit enter and look for the one that begins with “Tablet” or “Wacom”.
Right click on it, properties, hit stop and then start.

9)Restart your computer and now everything should work perfectly!

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