News about the PS4 Hack using Raspberry Pi


News related to the so-called “hack” for PS4 from Brazil just arrived …

Initially there were rumors, videos and now more articles from known developers who are trying to explain the whole thing! Briefly stated the following till now:
There is no custom firmware or any form of modchip for the console yet. The rumored method is based on copying the nor flash chip using a Raspberry Pi from a PS4 (with games installed) into another. In general they provide a clone of their console inside your own).
Based on what the developers say, the method can be applied to consoles with motherboard models SAA (any firmware version) and SAB until 2.50 because the method has been patched on 2.51 or can brick the console.
As a service, the installation is provided only in Brazil by the same person who found it and some local shops for $100-$150.  Note: They install 10 games, and the result doesn’t offer any other capability to out favorite console like being able to run homebrews.
Chances to see this in Greece as a service will not be more than the 0.5% of those who professionally perform reballing on consoles because of the difficulty level and the expertise that are needed.

As of the system software version 1.75 which we have forgotten, it is the last firmware in which the webkit exploit is not patched. We don’t have any news about it the past months and generally its progress is unknown.






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