How to make a Playstation earring! (Tutorial with Photos)


Sup guys! I am not a cosmetics guy and I really don’t do well with them. By the way, I had done an ear piercing some years ago for fun like most and as a hardcore PS maniac/collector I am and wanting to freak out my friends, the idea came in my mind . At first I have seen many related products on the web but none had a clearly shown Playstation logo, I also had a PS3 with ylod somewhere forgotten in my piles of unsused parts collecting dust and I remembered that front piece. So, I thought to give it a try!

What I used:

  • Soldering iron (Optional) (You can also use glue, read at the end of the post for more)
  • Electrical tape
  • Cutter
  • Dry towel (Optional)
  • “First day” plastic earring (those that you get with your first piercing)
  • Plastic playstation logo/emblem part from the early ps3 console releases

I used as a base to start, the “first day” plastic earring:



And the plastic Playstation logo from the PS3 console:



Step 1) Cut some of the excess plastic of the PS part till it becomes flat and the front piece of the “first day” earring using the cutter or the soldering iron by melting them to a point as shown. Note: you need a little excess part left still on so you can melt it and mix it as shown to step 3.



Step 2) Place some pieces of tape on your desk, one at the opposite side and 2 others that will hold it on the desk. Then stick the PS logo on it so it doesn’t move.



Step 3) Now put the other piece on it and melt the excess part with the soldering iron.



Tip, try to mix the black ABS plastic with the other so it will stick better, otherwise it will easily break.At the end, you can also use a file to make it smother. The more times you do the entire process, the better the results will be.

PS: In the entire process I didn’t prefer to use any type of glue to prevent allergies or other problems. Melting the plastic isn’t by far the best way, at least it “might” be better with contact to your skin. It is suggested not to wear this very often.

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