PS4 Dummy Console (SAA-E3) (Part of the Pre-release kiosks)

Hello everybody! The past days I received this thing above thinking it was just a Playstation 4 shell/housing with some wires and led for fun. Decided to take it apart in order to clean it and there was actually a motherboard. There are no serials over the motherboard apart from it’s model number which is SAA-E3. I didn’t know this model number so I tried to search about it but yet nothing found. Reveals of dummy ps4s have been done in the past as well by but we had no idea about these units in depth. So, this is the first report and reveal of this unknown SAA-E3.

If you are interested to learn more about this unit, stay tuned in this post because I will periodically be updating it (Note: video will also come up) and on keep an eye on






Firstly revealed on twitter:


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