Transparent PS4 HDD Covers – Faceplates “Scratch Guard Covers”

cybergadget-hdHello everybody! GodmanGen here and I am back as promised with new content and more to come the next days.

Well, as you know I really like and enjoy doing mods on my favorite consoles but as of the Playstation 4 there were still no ready to use/install kits available in the market like PSP. The original parts that currently exist are black or white and are still not that cheap just to have as spares or to modify.

So, recently I got my hands on a magnificent Japan exclusive product to start and I am talking about the known See-Through PS4 HDD Covers “Scratch Guard Covers” by the Japanese manufacturer called CyberGadget. For those who don’t know these, they are transparent HDD covers/faceplates for your PS4 in 4 main colors (Crystal Clear, Red, Blue and Black). You can use them to protect your original cover or replace it if is damaged or to give your personal style to your console.

While most international shops in the market run out of stock, the eBay seller ZeroRoze2013 is here to give you the solution and help you get these products straight from Japan at the lowest available price with worldwide shipping. I already received one of each color to showcase you and below you will find a video and a big photo gallery with many close ups of the covers so you can have a better look and examine their excellent quality.

Personal Overall View:

  • Plastic quality: (9/10)
  • Packaging quality: (10/10)
  • Ease of use: (10/10)
  • Matching: (10/10) (Fit better than the original cover)
  • Modification level (2/10)

Stay tuned for updates!

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