Original XBOX Restoration (XCM Crystal Red Case, Led Bezel Mod and Softmod)

Well, it’s been a long time since my last video and this might not be the one you would expect but I’m very busy this season and one of the few projects I worked on was this one. An original xbox that I bought at a flea market some weeks ago and spent much time to fix.

At the begin, the first problem I noticed wasn’t as known internal dust but mud! Yep mud! The same for it’s controller. Probably someone forgot it outside to get a little bath. Before I even plug it to test if it works I took it apart and cleaned everything with alcohol. A PSU fuse was fried…easy fix, the CD Reader had stack but later I swapped it with a working one and bam, working like new again. On the way I found a video on YouTube by Slot1Gamer with a very good and updated guide showing how to softmod an original xbox, I went ahead and softmoded it.
Later on, installed my first led bezel mod on the black shell while I was searching for something more interested. Soon I found one of the rare for these days brand new XCM Crystal Red casings, installed it as well and redesigned a theme for its UnleashX Dashboard.

Below you will see pictures of the progress and the final product. Hope you like it!

The controller’s restoration/cleaning:


Installing the new case:


Installing the Led Bezel Mod:








And the redesigned UnleashX skin:


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